Mission Statement – “It’s your Choice. Our Priority”

At Dickin Memorial Animal Hospital, we believe our pets are loved companions and unconditional servants deserving of compassionate, knowledgeable, competent medical care regardless of their time and depth of need. Compassionate, knowledgeable care is understood in our office. Thus, our mission is to have character driven by those employed and to be customer orientated for those we serve. Dickin Memorial will provide the Southern Tier community with a growing full service animal hospital that accomplishes its business with consistency, fairness, respect and ethical consideration for the patient and client.

Vision Statements – Where are we going…

Dickin Memorial Animal Hospital will be a 24 hour referral practice to meet the expanding medical needs of our patients without leaving the Southern Tier area. Dickin Memorial Animal Hospital will be a center of educational information for the community regarding animal health issues including zoonotic disease and bioterrorism. Dickin Memorial Animal Hospital will work with community organizations (disaster relief, SOS, havens) to help in times of need. Dickin Memorial Animal Hospital will do its part to maintain open communication with fellow veterinarians and maintain the integrity of the veterinary profession.

Value Statements – What we believe…

Trust through open and honest communications

Dignity and Reverence for life and the diversity of individuals and circumstances

Teamwork through the blend of individuals into a working unit set out to accomplish the mission of the animal hospital while representing the veterinary profession.

Cooperation with one another, our patients, our clients and the many diverse areas of veterinary medicine profession

Integrity resides in the honesty, fairness and self-scrutiny in all Dickin Memorial Animal Hospital does and will do