“As a new pet owner, I was amazed by the level of consideration, caring atmosphere, willingness to assist, depth of information on routine care, extent of knowledge for treatment options and professionalism Dr. Alison Beaulieu (Dr. B) and her whole staff exhibit. Since my dog is extremely active and curious, he seems to get himself into situations where we need immediate care – this has included: reactions to bee stings, ticks, strained leg, eye infection, a cut, and ear infection- I can’t say enough about how willing the office is to offer advice and if needed squeeze you in when an emergency arises.

Whether for routine or un-scheduled visits, from the time I walk in the door to the time I leave, I know that Luke (my dog) is receiving not only the best care but is in loving compassionate hands.

I would not hesitate to recommend any pet lover to choose Dr. Beaulieu at Dickin Memorial Animal Hospital for their vet.”

Jenae Schmidt Norris

“Dear Dr. B, Michael, Jill & Terrie,

I just wanted to thank you ever so much for taking such great care of me.

As you saw I am a big baby, and my size didn’t fool you. But, just walking in the door we were greeted with big smiles and I could feel the love. So, I knew I was in the right hands.

Mom and I have been through two different vets since moving here in July of 09, and they just treated me like a dog. Plus, after a lot of expense that could have been used for more toys, they never fixed what ailed me.

I was delighted you could see through the fur and immediately recognize what a handsome, intelligent, loving, young man I am.

Mom thinks I am the most special boy in the world and was delighted with your treatment of me.

I feel better just meeting all of you and knowing you will be there for me!”

Cold Noses & Puppy Love,
Jack Remington Westcott